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“ 「オフ会に行くと社会性が高まる」というのは事実で、凡庸なツイッタラーは「なまじ顔を知った/知られたために顔色を伺うような穏当なpostしかできずコンテンツの海に埋没していく」というお決まりなコースを辿る ”

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“ 老人は戦争が始まると、備蓄食料を全部食べてしまいます。第二次大戦時もそれで窮地に陥った家庭がたくさんありました。初代ガンダムでも史実に基づきその描写を入れたところ、老人団体から猛抗議がきてTVフィルムからは削除されました。老人は時代を問わず勝手です ”

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“ ビデオを整理してたら、
ETV2000で細野晴臣特集してて、その中で氏曰く 「歌詞は重要だけど何言ってるかは重要じゃない」 ”


For every ending, there is a beginning…

A full WrestleMania XXX recap, from Hall of Fame broadcaster Jim Ross.


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Bases loaded squeeze!


INDONESIA, Sibolangit : In this photograph taken on April 16, 2014, a veterinary staff member of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme center conducts medical examinations on a 14-year-old male orangutan found with air gun metal pellets embedded in his body in Sibolangit district in northern Sumatra island. The orangutan was rescued by Indonesia’s ministry of forestry personnel and Orangutan Information Center on April 15, 2014 in nearby Langkat district in a small patch of forest and agricultural plantation. The center has cared for over 280 orangutans rescued from palm oil plantations, poachers and pet owners and over 200 have been reintroduced in the wilds. The critically-endangered primates population are dwindling rapidly due to poaching and rapid destruction of their forest habital that is being converted into palm oil plantation. AFP PHOTO / SUTANTA ADITYA


REPUBLIC OF KOREA, JINDO : A relative of passengers on board a capsized ferry prays as she waits for news of the missing people at a harbour in Jindo early on April 17, 2014. South Korean rescue teams, including elite navy SEAL divers, raced to find up to 293 people missing from a capsized ferry carrying 459 passengers and crew — mostly high school students bound for a holiday island. AFP PHOTO / ED JONES

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